Who is SunWisher?

SunWisher is a spiritual community online whose sole purpose is to help those looking for answers find them! Our core business model started as a phone psychic/clairvoyant website, in which we still are. No matter where you live in the world you can get in touch with our psychics at 855-637-4055, our corporate office is in Denver, Colorado.

Our rates vary from 66ยข/min for 15 minutes or a flat $1/min for a starting rate.
We are 24/7/365 on our psychic phone line.

If you’re looking for a SunWisher psychic to visit please visit our Psychic Directory.
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UPDATE: We’ve been working a local hemp cigar
producer here in Colorado we’ve been contracted
to help produce Aromatic Hemp Cigars, which you
can read about by clicking the link.

Our Mission?

Other than helping you find answers we are an ever growing library of health, spiritual and financial information for those looking to mentor under some of the very best people in the world in these fields. Our core beliefs are backed by science and a clear historical look at what we are promoting. We believe that the human race is currently in a spiritual battle for the senses, we are here to help fill those pockets of indecision with pride and creativity to move you forward in your life with the backing of a solid community to help push you forward. You can join our SunWisher Spiritual Group here.

Our Health Ministry:

We are Chapter # in Denver, CO

We are apart of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing and provide information on helping you and your loved ones find information that could very well save your or your loved ones lives, or at least cleanse the waters of the body in the most affordable and easy ways possible. The world is toxic. The body and the mind MUST be cleansed. That is why SunWisher exists.

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Our Positive Music:

Positive MusicAs you will quickly find out by our community is that music is a HUGE make-up of healing in all matters. Be it physical, mental or financially! Listening to positive messages throughout the day from ALL types of music can help you find that one or two songs that you can return to, to continually increase your happiness and your belief/faith in what you are looking to accomplish. How do I know this? Because I’ve used it for all the above and for OTHERS! That’s right you can use that excitement that beauty and love you gathered by listening to positive, uplifting music and toss it to those in need. Music is and forever will be one of Gods (the Universe’s) most miraculous gift.


262 Perry St. Denver, CO 80219 855-637-4055
This is our corporate temp office, no one here is able to services you, please call instead!