The Burnout Generation – Review

What to do about the burn out generation

What to do about the burn out generationSunWisher’s Review of The Burnout Generation
& What you should do about it!

There are so many points of struggle and manipulation inside the culture as a whole which has been enforce upon us and is so new that of course like stated in the audiobook… even the professionals and our parent’s parents generation had no idea about the coming crash of traditional living at that time. We are in a time in history that technological advancements and cultural ideologies are changing so rapidly that many career niches are born then lost to the changing tide within a year or two and so goes your golden ticket diploma means nothing.

As Robert Greene from Laws of Human Nature says… as time moved on, each generation had a counter culture that presented itself from the choices of their parents and their parent’s parents generation. Now days we have a multitude of sub-section ideas floating around inside a huge information age (where to point that finger!) that although we millennial are now moving against the status quo of a dying idea of College and traditional careers. Now we must pick up ourselves and move through the wake of dead dreams being thrown to us and as things move so quickly now days, a counter culture can quickly die off as new more pressing challenges presented to us by big media (how to think) and the government (how to live) come to the gates constantly revolving our nervous systems into fight or flight giving us all just enough time to lick our wounds and nothing else.

In other words… We LITERALLY must educate and market ourselves in an ever growing environment without the help of big campuses to lead the way any longer… their main goal is meant to siphon as much from a person just starting out on their own, it’s as above so below.

Siphon the generation that has the money through the impending tick of the clock and the deterioration of their health. A siphon that pushes the last generations into a place where all their money is tied into doctors and hospital bills and on the other side a life just starting out… drain their future pocket books and in many cases as this audiobook examines their will power and their sanity all the while being told to pay for this older generations promises.

It’s a fantastic look into the quagmire of broken promises thrown to a generation who felt that a solid future was approaching especially as technology took rise inside the world. The big issue I see here is what you call… Problem, Reaction & Solution.

The current trends of education (and all other major systems of humanity) stems from a highly organized private group of people that control much more than they should. They create this outrageous system where not only the money but more importantly THE TIME of these students is wasted into a blackhole. The lack of hope and of course money creates the problem… Then they push extreme liberal ideas (the hate of America/Capitalism) across these “campuses” only to breed a specific person that will react the way that these organization want. This is the creation of the problem… (Creating the reaction)

When it comes, the desire to drop the USA into socialistic rule becomes less and less resisted upon because of the hopes of FREE college and FREE healthcare (which is the solution)…

Becoming better building more businesses, becoming aware of how to use the system to create more opportunity for yourself and those around you is a more profound way to go about pushing through this Burnout Generation then surmising to a need for safe spaces… You want it bad enough you’ll create your life as a safe space!

Self education, innovation and mentor ships are key… there is SO much information now days you don’t need College to have a chance of success, you can literally become more street smart about a specific subject by going out finding mentors and books etc.

Some people may hate him, but Tai Lopez is correct in the way he mentors a lot of people. You wanna be relevant? You better make yourself relevant, safe spaces don’t work in the real world. Take your time to heal and replenish your soul, but if you want the best advice I can give being a business owner and a millennial … be a little bit smarter everyday and look at life with a business owners mindset more often throughout your life and you’ll LEARN how to see more opportunity then you can handle.

At that point you’ll need to become proficient in learning how to tie down one of these ideas at a time. Instead of WHAT you’re going to do about your livelihood. Our generation needs to be strong and go out on a limb and build our empires… Instead of getting college loans, get a business loan, buy mentor ships, buy programs… buy books. Albeit not the easiest thing to do and LIVE but you either get out of the comfort zone or you’ll stay there and end up dying there anyway.

People have this illusion that we have something to lose. We are already standing naked in front of each other, life and death are always coming for us.

Just know, there will always be some that burnout and never come out of it. I know many older friends who’ve done this. So it’s good to know how to sooth yourself, but don’t get stuck in the warm water, jumping into the ice (Look up Sisu) also is needed at times too… It’s build courage and strength to be the better person for a company to hire or to have the nerves of steel to push an invention or business idea and make it work!

This is going to be reality for many people… don’t let it be your future. Stand out, be bright and have strength to push forward through this artificially created garbage. Be an alchemist, turn the current economical and cultural times to GOLD and opportunities.



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