What the Scorpio Zodiac Sign is all About:

Scorpio, the eight zodiac sign, are people who are born between October 23 and November 21, they are known for their intense behavior and are true extremists in everything they do – be it work, love, friendship or revenge (oh yes, they can be extremely vengeful – so don’t ever mess with a Scorpion.) It is a very powerful astrological sign because of their intense and dramatic approach to handling different situations. They make the best of friends and the worst enemies that one would ever want to have. Scorpions are extremely curious and intuitive – their urge to know about everything around them is simply unstoppable. The fact that they have a strong intuition, they tend to be of a very probing nature and would find the underlying cause of things, which no one may have ever thought of.

Symbol: The Scorpion

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Pluto — God of the Underworld & Mars – God of War.

Body Part: Reproductive System, Crotch, Excretory System, Bowels.

Good Day: Charismatic, Focused, Passionate, Ambitious, Trustworthy, Caring, Trendsetting

Bad Day: Jealous, Resentful, Obsessive, Secretive, Possessive, Vengeful, Manipulative

Favorite Things: Spicy Food, Adventure & Thrill, One-of-a-kind Objects, Wireless Devices, Organic Ingredients

What You Hate: Disloyalty, the Falseness of a Character, Timid People, Insincere Flattery, Living at Someone Else’s Rescue.

Secret Wish: To be in complete control & not depend on anyone else for anything.

How to Spot Them: Intense Soul-piercing Eyes, a Hawk-like Gaze, Sharp Facial Contours

Where You’ll Find Them: Political Positions, Detective or Forensic expert, Lawyer, Psychiatrist, Astrologer, Scientist or other Science related Projects

Keywords: Intense, Extremist, Power, Intimacy, Independent, Secrecy, Obsession

Scorpio: The Scorpion

The Scorpion symbolizes Scorpio, and by all means, it carries most of the Scorpio characteristics. Just like the Scorpio, it would rather kill itself than being attacked and killed by someone else. They like to be in complete control of their lives and set their agenda themselves. The Scorpion has also received its tremendous regenerative powers from the Scorpio; just as it loses its tail and quickly grows a new one. They would not give up on life and cry over something lost, they are fighters and will move on quickly with their self-motivating powers. They are stubborn and determined to succeed in life. The vengeful attitude is also something that the Scorpion has inherited by its Scorpio friend. They are extremely secretive and hence you would never know when they would sting back with full force. It is advisable never to have Scorpio as your enemy as these folks are extremely resourceful. The scorpions are also very focused and hardworking people; such that they surprise others by their desire to outperform in every task. To match up to the scorpion passion and desire to excel is next to impossible.

Scorpio Element: Water

Scorpio is ruled by the water element. The other two water signs are Cancer and Pisces. Bearing the water element, Scorpions are extremely mysterious as the ocean itself. One would never know what is going on in their mind as they are very secretive and do not open up very easily. Like the flow of water, they can be extremely refreshing, life savior. In a Scorpio company, you will always rejoice and enjoy life. The water sign zodiacs are generally very emotional and ultra-sensitive; however a scorpion will never show his emotions; they are always kept uncover. Scorpions have mastered the art of not showing their emotions on their face, be it anger, blushing, pride, excitement or discontent. Just as its other waterborne comraderies, the Scorpio also has intense dreams and a strong unstoppable desire to achieve it. He will do anything it takes to achieve its goal, being a self-starter, he doesn’t need a push from anyone.

Scorpio Ruling Planet: Pluto & Mars

Scorpio was first ruled by Mars (God of Wars) and after Pluto’s discovery, the Scorpio was assigned to Pluto. Pluto is known as the God of the Underworld and all things connected to the dark and deeper secrets of life. Being governed by this Mars & Pluto combination, the scorpion is one sign, which has gathered a lot of intense energy and emerged as a very powerful, focused and extreme zodiac sign. They are intuitive, curious and a constant hunger of knowing everything that’s going around them makes them eager to learn. They want to be in complete control of the situations and have the ability to pre-empt a possible danger. They also can lose their temper very soon if someone tends to block their space and thinking. One very good quality of the Scorpion is that they are simply Unafraid – today’s failure is an opportunity for tomorrow’s victory for them. They constantly keep going and never give up on life and that’s the quality, which is truly magnetic to anyone around the Scorpio.  

Scorpio: A Fixed Sign

Scorpio is grouped as one of the “Fixed signs” as it falls in the middle of the season. They’re the stabilizers—the ones who have a clear vision or goal and then start building around it. They don’t believe in just sitting and planning; for the execution is the key. They are the go-getters and strikers rather than the planners and ideators. As a part of fixed sign characteristic, Scorpio is a constantly trying to change and stabilize things around himself.

Scorpio People: What They’re Like

Scorpion is known for their mysterious appearance, passionate & jovial, yet not immature. They do not strike a conversation upfront, but if you ever indulge in a topic of discussion that the Scorpio is passionate about, you don’t stand a chance to win. They are flamboyant orators and avid readers, who like the current affairs. Their ability to be focused is an extremely enviable quality that they possess; which draws them a lot of fan-following. Many Scorpios are very successful people who have achieved something extraordinary due to their spark to be innovative and explicit.

Famous Scorpio People & Celebrities:

We have some very famous and world-renowned Celebrities who are born Scorpios; to name a few:  Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shahrukh Khan, Pablo Picasso, Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Kamal Haasan, Anne Hathaway, Ryan Gossling, Kendall Jenner, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Julia Roberts, Katy Perry, John Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Klien,

So, to summarize the article in brief about Scorpio: it is one of the most extreme Zodiac sign, extremely mysterious, secretive and intuitive. They could make some of the world’s best Detectives due to their curious and probing nature. Their Focused approach in life is something that is enviable. However, it is advisable to beware of Scorpion animosity as it might be really disastrous.