Samael – Door of Celestial Peace

positive musicSamael – Door of Celestial Peace

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First a dream
The comes life

And that’s the way it goes with our thoughts
That flow to meet up with life’s extraordinary
Number of possibilities
From before the beginning we brought something along that
Grows, that lives beside ourselves
Beyond comprehension

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Both sides, both banks
And the river passes through
Always two ways
Meeting in the third path
Spectrum, explored
Giving understanding
Far beyond our means

New house, new home
A new zone to conquer
Awaking, defending
Conscious interests
No rules, no laws
For the heart’s decision
Awaiting, preparing
Another revolution

Have you ever wondered what you really want
When it all comes down, it comes down to this
Have you ever wondered what you really want
When it all comes down, it comes down to this…

Good times, hard times
One creates the other
To keep on, ride on
Once started you’ll get through
Our needs, people’s needs
All longing for a crossing
Picking, plucking
The fruits of perseverance

Well synchronized
Well focused
There’s nothing we won’t achieve
Been trying
Been searching
A place located outside of this world

I close my eyes and wait for thee
To bring me light of tomorrow’s sun
I call upon the unnamed
To bring me sounds of tomorrow’s song
I’ve spent years in eternity
With nothing ’round to hold on to
I’ve entered the world of vacuity
Where I wished to have something to wish for…

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