Rebecca Abraxas – It Doesn’t Matter

positive musicRebecca Abraxas – It Doesn’t Matter

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maybe there’s no where to go maybe i know all i’ll know maybe i’m a late bloomer maybe i’ve bloomed long ago

but it doesn’t matter even if i’m torn and tattered there’s a rainbow in these holly threads there’s nothing in the road ahead its the here and now it s today’s little wows that makes me smile makes me go the extra mile it doesn’t matter if i’m torn and tattered i’ve got rainbows in these holy threads

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maybe its time to move maybe there’s nothing to loose maybe i’m just a dreamer maybe i’m all confused

maybe the worlds a hard place maybe there’s no where to be safe maybe i’m scared to be someone maybe i’m someone’s disgrace

i’ve had my frown painted the town been so high fell down asked why i always land where i stand

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