Psychic Dreams

Learn More about Psychic Dreams Interpretation

When you fall asleep, your body goes into a state of rest. However, most of your muscular functions-external-shut down, internal organ keep pushing hence the scientific reference to basal metabolic process. One of the core sections of the central nervous system-the brain-keeps vigil ensuring all functions flow seamlessly. Once your sleep reaches the REM (rapid eye movements) stage, dreaming starts. During this vivid recollection and creative process, the brain is hyperactive forming images and sounds that form your dream.

Oneirologists describe dreams as images created by our mind in specific sequences resulting in a story. Some researchers further say these scenes to have no meaning and are just nonsensical events taking place in the sleeping brain. However, some researchers have disputed this notion and try to prove that dreams are important in problem-solving, and processing of emotions. Dream experts have linked dreaming to psychic activity. This means that the projections of the sleeping mind do indeed carry various meanings.

So what are psychic dreams? These are scenes played out in your brain while you sleep that may reveal information on events to occur in the near or far-off future. Anyone can have one of these dreams; the trick, however, is decoding its meaning. In order to derive the hidden message from your dream, you first need to remember the dream. To increase your chances of recalling your vision, you should:

Reset your alarm and try waking yourself in the morning. When it goes off, your alarm shifts attention from your dream to silencing it creating a memory gap.

Make a point of remembering. This conscious decision will prioritize on storing the information; it is like keying a command into a computer.

Playback. When you wake up, try replaying the dream in your mind. This will kick up a storm and pieces of the scenes will start falling into place like a jigsaw puzzle.

These simple tasks are effective in dream recollection; the missing piece now is deriving its meaning. Most psychic dreams have a common theme but events portrayed are different-customized to individual mindset. The five most common dream themes are:

Levitating or flying

You are at the edge of a cliff then suddenly the ground starts dropping down, or is it that your feet are leaving the hard foundation. Soon you are high up in the clouds. Dreams like these often foretell of future risks or adventures depending on your current life situation.

Free falling to the ground

Most of the time, this dream has no back history. The twitching and muscle spasm that shocks you from that trace interrupts this tumble downwards. This might signify a fear you will have to face soon or a situation that will make you anxious soon. If you are in a demanding job that put emphasis on performance, these dreams might plague your nights.


Your heart is pounding as you push through the thicket of the jungle. Suddenly the feeling of being stalked dawns on you, instincts force you to run. Your feet take to flight with no clear image of your predator. Too spooked to steal a glimpse, you run for dear life, sure that your pursuer is gaining ground. This is a good indicator of stress or anxiety in real life. The source might be your job or relations, the best thing to do is to stop and identify what is chasing you instead of fleeing.


Not in the erotic sense, but a more shaming situation. You are a bus and all of sudden you become self-conscious; you are wearing your birthday suit. This is also related to the more famous pant less at school nightmare. This premonition maybe because of fear. You have a huge secret and do not want anyone knowing about it. The thought of being caught ‘pants down’ fuel this dream and might actually give you a few sleepless nights.

Animals appearing in the picture

These can either be snakes, spiders or even the domestic kind-cats and dogs. Each one of these creatures has a meaning, for instance, snakes might represent looming threats in the near future. Dogs, on the other hand, signify loyalty, companionship, someone who has your back no matter what. If you find yourself visualizing birds, especially doves, this might be a sign of freedom to come. It might be free from debt or a bad relationship.

Some people might experience other themes like shrinking rooms, vacuum spaces, and examination rooms. All these are a reflection of their present situations isolating them from other people. These dreams are common to those going through a rough patch and feel no one can understand their pain.

Sometimes, a sequence of dreams might build up to a single meaning. Your spiritual self might be sending you to flare every night in relation to a fast-approaching event. Since dreams are meant to be forgotten so as not to overlap with real memories, keeping track might be strenuous. For easy access and to these scenes, always:

Write down your dreams the minute you wake up. Any time you wake up note down what scenes were playing in your mind. It is not possible to resume a dream from the last point; every day is a new theme to experience.

Keeping a journal is advisable, noting the date and a description of the vision daily. Sometimes dreams are directly related to present time, understanding them may be key to making critical discussions with positive future outcomes.

Giving every dream a title might help in decrypting the message hidden in each. Make sure the title is derived from the actual vision. This will help in decoding and even give you a hint of what it was all about.

Psychic premonitions embedded in dreams are often messages from our spiritual self. They may be a warning of things to come or advice on decisions to be made in the future. This might be the heads-up you require to make your awake-time more productive. If you get confused, just seek out the services of a dream interpreter to help you derive meaning from the dreams that keep your sleep time lively.