Psychic Abilities

Various Types of Psychic Abilities

There are different types of psychic abilities that psychic advisors can use: the following are the most common ones.


This is the ability to transfer an item from one area to another.

Astral projection

This is the ability of a person to have an astral body, where you have an out of body experience where your soul separates from your body and travel to other parts of the universe.

Aura reading

This is the ability to see energy around a place or a person, who closely associates with what is going on with something at a deeper depth.

Automatic writing

This is where a person produces written words from the occult, spiritual and subconscious agency.


Here, the reader hears spirits in mind or through the environment, which a normal person cannot hear at all.

Clair cognizance

This is the ability to comprehend something without remembering how you know it or why you do.


This is where you taste something without having anything in your mouth, physically.

Clairol faction

Here, one access paranormal via smell


This is where a person senses energy from beyond physical.


This is the ability to understand things beyond what others see, for instance spirits, visions, as well as auras.


Ability to describe omens and use supernatural powers to see the future.


This is the power to explore energies of places and people, in the world and beyond.

Energy medicine

This is the ability to summon healing energy, which is another form of treatment for a patient.

Hydro kinesis

This is the power to manipulate water


This is where the person has the power to defy gravity and cause a person or object to rise.


The power to communicate with spirits.


This is the power to know something prior to it happening.  It takes place through extrasensory perception.


This is the power to see what will happen in the future and giving information about what one sees.

Psychic channeling

The difference between this ability and prophecy is that this one, a person has to be in an altered state of mind.

Psychic empathy

A person has the power to take another person’s emotions and feel them so deeply.

Psychic surgery

Here, a person can heal a patient from disease or any condition via energetic surgical procedures.


The person can find out facts about  a person or event by touching  inanimate objects linked to them.


The power to manipulate power

Removing viewing

This is the power to get accurate information about a person, place or event without using the normal means.


The power to see the past, which could not be achieved through normal means.

Second sight

The ability to peep into the future through vision. One can see events or people in the future.

Tips on how to determine if you have psychic abilities

If you have the ability to absorb certain energies or easy to empathize, you may be wondering whether it not you have psychic abilities.  Some situations can be termed as mere coincidence while others cannot be easily ignored.  To some degree, many people have some psychic ability in them in one way or another.

However, the following are the most common signs to watch out for:


Have you ever thought of someone and then a second later they text or call you?  That is like predicting something before it happens, a sign that your level if intuition is extremely high.


If you have seen images of the future, past, or present while dreaming or conscious, then this is called vision.

Mind reading

This is where you have thoughts about something and people end up speaking those moments later.  This is also a form of telepathy, a type of psychic communication.


If you hear voices in your head,  this could be spirit  guides  angels or your family  members who died a long time ago,  trying to communicate  to you.


People who can see bright colors on other people are re psychic.  The colors tell how a person girls and to reveal they’re true colors.


This is a feeling that makes you feel like you’ve experienced something before; this is some kind of psychic power

Sensitive energy

If you are a person who can feel other people’s experience and emotions as deeply as they do.  This also means you are more than empathetic.

If you have ever wanted to know if you are a psychic or possess psychic powers then its easy to do that.  There are many online tools that can help determine whether or not you are good at predicting the future and talking to spirits.

The ESP Test

This test is all about guessing which colors on the screen and it takes several minutes to complete.  The results will tell you whether or not you have additional sensory perception.  You will be given your results after scoring 10 predictions, and you will also receive an explanation about it.

Are you a psychic test?

This test will ask you a number of questions and will give you a range of scores such as awareness of spirits   clairvoyance, as well as pre-cognitive abilities.

The above are the different types of Psychic abilities that you may come across.  These abilities are very unique and tailored to an individual, meaning that it is not something one can learn or acquire from another person.  It is a gift from God to the person in question.

Psychic readers are extremely gifted individuals in the society. They see and feel things that normal people cannot begin to fathom.  They use such gifts to help explain and predict future events for people such as love life, career, relationships and so much more.

Everyone in the world is unique in his or her own way, and each person has some degree of psychic abilities in them: some abilities are stronger than others.

The above information will help you know the best reader who will best answer your concerns.