Lifevessel Began the Evolution of Sound and Light Therapy

The Life Vessel:
Sound + Light Healing Revolution

by: Ingrid Khadijah

The Lifevessel healing deviceThe Lifevessel is a very special coffin like box that you lay inside and the doors close around you. So, very much like a coffin. But instead of taking a dirt nap, you’re greeted by a show of mirrors and lights along with speakers that vibrate sound into your body. The whole things is quiet an interesting idea, it supposedly was beamed down into the mind of Barry McNew where is said to be a Edgar Cayce reincarnation, well, I don’t know what to think about that because I believe David Wilcock said the same thing. Either way the device was tested amongst some prominent scientist and researchers and was found to actually help a huge range of symptoms with people.

From Parkinson shaking to high blood pressure. But over the years he decided to go ahead and create an even more indepth healing device called the Energy Genesis. Now compared to the Life Vessel the Energy Genesis is I would say 3 times bigger and created a circle type effect inside the coffin like box, it managed to help even more so than the Lifevessel and all was great! At this point a woman named Gail Lynn had learned first hand about the power of sound and light and she owned a Life Vessel and some Energy Genesis. But she too started to have a visions of something better. In walks the Harmonic Egg.

Now the Harmonic Egg instead of being like a coffin is, well shaped like a giant egg (see picture below) where you get in and sit in a gravity chair and pretend your Captain Picard himself while you are whisked away into a bliss of light and sound. Now Gail says the difference between the Life Vessel and Energy Genesis are huge already, but the difference between the Energy Genesis and the Harmonic Egg is like comparing a middle school student to an 8 year medical doctorate degree graduate. Maybe I’m skewing that a bit, but the reason I can say that is because I’ve been able to try everything single one of these devices.

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The new healing technology called Harmonic Egg

I can say I had very little I could tell about the Life Vessel overall as I only did it twice. I did the Energy Genesis probably 5+ times and I did notice some big changes. But when I came back to Colorado from Japan I was really sick and I did a month of Harmonic Egg and it snapped me out of a lot of my issues and made me feel much much better.

So when it comes to picking which one you should try, I would always beat on the winning horse, this time it being the Harmonic Egg! The Lifevessel was created to make way for better technology and perhaps in the future the Harmonic Egg will make way for even better ways to heal with sound, but for now and into the foreseeable future I believe the Harmonic Egg is the choice of those serious about experiencing such healing sound and light devices.

Thank you Life Vessel, but it’s time to move over and make way for the superior technology!

-Ingrid Khadijah

Life Vessel of the Rockies
Harmonic Egg

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