What the Libra zodiac sign is all about:

Libra being the seventh zodiac sign of the 12 signs falls around September 23-October 22 during the fall season. The Libra soul if beautiful from both inside and outside and is often referred to as the zodiac that stands for Equality, Harmony and Grace. Libras are truly relationship oriented people and pay a lot of importance on nurturing relationships throughout their lives. This is a sign of partnership, they do not want to be left alone; working in collaboration and togetherness is always their preference.

Symbol: The Scales of Justice

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus — the planet of love and beauty

Body Part: The Endocrine System, the Buttocks and the Lower back

Good Day: Cooperative, Charming, Romantic, Lovable, Social, Fair, Diplomatic, Gracious, Sincere, Sharing

Bad Day: Indecisive, Vain, Self-pity, Melodramatic, Confrontational, Manipulative, Delusional, Spoiled

Favorite Things: Rich Food, Poetry, Designer Clothes, Expensive Jewelry, Live Concerts at large Venues,

What You Hate: Violence / Bullies, practical or boring people, being forced to make a decision, Loudmouths

Secret Wish: To love intensely and be loved back

How to Spot Them: Outrageous Designer clothing, Gentle eyes, petite symmetrical features, Dimples

Where You’ll Find Them: Chit-chatting in a Coffee shop, Procrastinating, Dancing all night in parties, silently writing a novel, socializing in parties, events and more

Keywords: Equality, Commitment, Fairness, Partnership, Balance, Mutuality

Libra: The Scales of Justice

The Scales of Justice symbolize balance and justice and that’s what is one quality that the Virgo inherits from its idol. This zodiac people are generally very balance headed in life; they don’t want unnecessary fights and quarrels; they shy away from confrontations and they try to strike the chord with nearly everyone to bring peace. They bring in equilibrium in all affairs, no matter how small or big. With a Libra guidance, we can surely learn to regain our stability in relations and hunt for more balance in life. The positive qualities of Libra energy are Lovable, charming, fair, sharing, sincere, beautiful, cooperative and romantic. Negative expressions of Libra can be indecisive, vain, melodramatic, spoiled, manipulative and delusional. Libra energy augments our social elegances and turns our attention to style and beauty.

Libra Element: Air

The Libra is an Air Sign falling between the Gemini and Aquarius signs. Unlike the other two, Libra is not a violent stroke of wind that would change ideologies or behaviors. It is instead a mild and moderate of bringing in the changing winds, something which can hardly be noticed. The essence of air is intellectual, communicative and allows broadening of ideas. With Libra’s interactive and persuasive nature, this sign inspires collaboration, helpful dialogue, compromise and flourishing relationships. With a Libra companion, we learn to live life together as a vibrant twosome to achieve goals. Another Air element quality that they possess is that they are constantly reaching higher and always looking for ways of self-improvement. They tend to become lazy when a relationship or situation is becoming repetitive and need constant change in life.

Libra Ruling Planet: Venus

Venus is a planet of Love, Beauty and luxury. Empowered by Venus, Libra people also naturally are great lovers, passionate and affectionate about their partners; however, they also have many materialistic desires and get fascinated by luxury items like expensive cars, designers jewelry, branded clothes, accessories etc. They love only beautiful people and things and being the center of attention at the party is what they can do best. If a Libra person has hots for you, then it is absolutely impossible to escape their charisma and seduction. They also get enriched by good quality music, Art, and beautiful places around the world. The Venusians quality adds value and enhancement to all it encounters with, from fashion to food to personality.

Libra: A Cardinal Sign

The Cardinal Signs are the beginners or the initiators. Similarly, the Libra zodiac also comes at that time of the year when the journey of the cooler months begins. It is no surprise that it falls exactly in the middle of the zodiac calendar, which demonstrates its Balance attribute as well.

Libra People: What They’re Like

Harmony, beauty, to love and Peace is the Libra Motto.  One can instantaneously be swept away by Libra’s pleasing personality and charm and enticed by their wide array of conversational topics. Libran people are the ideal buddies for a redesigning an interior masterpiece, picnicking or a social justice project. If these social butterflies are set free at a networking occasion, they are sure to take center stage within no time. Exceptions are always there – Some Librans are not conversation strikers and can be reserved. However, once they start talking, a five-minute conversation can transform into a three-hour long philosophical speech. As Libra is the symbol of balance in life, they dislike conflicts and anything that feels “unfair.” They avoid avid confrontations. In fact they are the ones who act as a mediator during times of fight. Many Libras are born diplomats and negotiators. Although most Libras love luxurious and materialistic things in their possession, some may actually cross the line in the pursuit of accomplishing their material indulgence. These Librans use their good looks and innate charm to lure others for their benefit. You can find Libran people visiting avid Culture festivals for Artwork, indulging in shopping, sweets.

Famous Libra People & Celebrities:

Some famous Libra Personalities are:  Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Douglas, Bruno Mars, Mahatma Gandhi, Eminem, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lil Wayne, Chester A. Arthur, Simon Cowell, Donna Karan, Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Carter, Gwen Stefani, Ralph Lauren, Zac Efron, Shel Silverstein, John Lennon, Vladimir Putin, Sergio Rossi, Rutherford B. Hayes, Dwight D. Eisenhower, F. Scott Fitzgerald, T.S. Eliot, Oscar Wilde

To summarize about our Libra Friends, they are charming, lovable, passionate and sensual people with a balanced approach to life.  They believe in working in togetherness and collaboration rather than in isolation. They get fascinated by world luxuries and tend to go overboard sometimes in indulging in materialistic gains. However, they are very sweet people one would want to be around with as they bring a sense of completion in every relationship.