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positive musicLaLaZeZo – Dream

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Dr Ezzat Abu Ouf Voice : What Written on the forehead, the eye must see it …
But Don’t will and ambition make what written better,coolest and urethrae ?
Did Human make his Circumstances himself ? Or The Future of every Person on his ability to extract the better of his Circumstances ? Whatever it was hard , Just to Have his Dreams …
Someone asked me : why Dreams can be sold ?

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I Said to him thats when you are afraid and your heart is not brave
you have no Strong Dream that you want to reach it
and have no hope for tomorrow or after it
it will be so normal when people sell and buy you
and it will be normal too when they all forget you
thats because who don’t care about himself, don’t blame except himself
who no one can challenge him in his fear and failure
in day he will find time pass from him
he will find himself just moving his legs
like someone moving in the same place can’t feel the chances or the time
we are on world who all fight and forget the others
and you still can’t feel this changes everywhere
anyway your dream can be true just be patient and know how can you get it
life is like a train passes and don’t wait anyone
and people in the past can confirm that to you
the week days are not just friday, saturday, sunday
you can make your week eight days or more
just focused in every moment how can you live it really
how to Complete your work faster and better
you will find your live have a real taste
you will find thousand people said : you are my Friend
Dream and live for tomorrow and forget every memory forget any pain or any bad idea
just remember your time and how can you be better the time who passes didn’t come again
in the past i just want to fly and touch stars thats was my hope that i have day and night
but i discovered that the beautiful things are alot not just on sky or a big things
it maybe a small things that i stand over it and it equals the whole world
the dream is not by size or its ideas the real dream how you can choose it yourself
when the day come and you can reach it but you have to reach it without any Excavation
you will find how much this pain is so simple in front of finding your dream and happy hope
we all live in a big world race race that didn’t stop but you can renewal yourself on it
the world didn’t differentiate between young and old if they are rich or just simple poor people
the Different between them how can everyone choose being a normal person or face the stream
who change his live , his night and day who forget the different between water and fire
we have to said that we all support explicitly and we never can allow offense
the live exam is so hard and you may fail on it so you must be strong and not being Defeated person
you must be ready for any treachery situation you must forget every hatred feeling
yourself adoption is the main different the world give you the exam , then give you the lesson
Break Abd El Hady Voice : 100 100 , Lets Go …
LaLa ZeZo Voice : so Can you see what I’m saying ?
Break Abd El Hady Voice : Everything alright , What you Say and your hand movement
Dr Ezzat Abu Ouf Voice : There are Million of People Working to Achive Success
But Who Succeed must have this Factors of Success Persisting, Challenge, Fight, Dream
and Luck didn’t go except for who is worthy for it …

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