Krishna Das – Om Namah Shivaya

positive musicKrishna Das – Om Namah Shivaya

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Om Namah Shivaaya
Shivaaya namaha,
Shivaaya namah om
Shivaaya namaha, namaha Shivaaya
Shambhu Shankara namah Shivaaya,
Girijaa Shankara namah Shivaaya
Arunaachala Shiva namah Shivaaya

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Possible English Translation
I bow to the Soul of all. I bow to my Self. I don’t know who I am, so I bow to you, Shiva, my own true Self. I bow to my teachers who loved me with Love. Who took care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself. I owe everything to them. How can I repay them? They have everything in the world. Only my love is mine to give, but in giving I find that it is their love flowing through me back to the world…I have nothing. I have everything. I want nothing. Only let it flow to you, my love… sing!

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