Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme

positive musicJan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme

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Inspired by Dr. Leonard Coldwell on the first Global Information Network Cruise.

Back late 2010, I was on the first cruise of GIN.

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If you don’t know what GIN is, IT WAS a membership in a group that was run by

Kevin Trudeau. Despite what you feel about KT the group was absolutely genius as

it brought together some of the most amazing people in all fields. Something

that this site is attempting to do on a smaller scale for those looking for answers in all fields of life!

PS: GIN and WIN are shapeless souls of what GIN WAS, it no doubt will ever be like it was forming to be before

corruption and BS hit the fan. Shame. But I hope into the future to look into what these break off groups have done

and perhaps join them yet again. I was/am Level 5 (FYI) before I left GIN.

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