Human Cometh – Himalaya

positive musicHuman Cometh – Himalaya

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I had to add this being that Chomolungma (Mt. Everest) is a goal that I have to test my Physical, Mental and Spiritual information that I will have attained by reaching Mt. Everest.

To get there, you must master attraction in all areas – Money, Love, Relationship, Physical, Mental & Spiritual. Chomolungma will Mercilessly test those who honor and give one a life time dose of humility and exhilaration.

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Here´s to all of the mountaineers
who risk their lives at 29,000 ft
on Mt. Everest, the highest point of rock

You´re gonna hit the wall, hit the wall
in the ice and snow

Himalaya, see a frozen aura
Himalaya, enter the death zone

Here´s to all of the sherpa´s
who will take you to a gorgeous but deadly view
like the icefall, oh such a cold graveyard



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