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We are hereby announcing we are open to assisting those looking for options to improve their well being. I personally have been an alternative health researcher for years. SunWisher’s Health Ministry started early 2019 when I first discovered what MMS was (miracle mineral solution – or sodium chloride -> chlorine dioxide). I found out the power and the safety of this miracle solution and needed to learn more, so I took the training and eventually in March had our Chapter approved for Lakewood, CO (#347). Since that point I’ve discovered an affordable and functional medicine that can help many different ailments that western medicine seems to have trouble touching. But more importantly discovery the power of MMS through my own health challenges.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you, please visit our Facebook page and you can either post a message or private message us and we can help you purchase MMS and how you can use it for your specific dis-ease.

We also can give you recommendations for other types of healing protocols that can assist you in overall health and well-being. Improving ones quality of life is very important. We will be creating a SunWisher Health Ministry membership program where we going over ways to improve or eliminate things like Cancer, Eye Floaters, Ringing in the Ears, IBS, Crohn’s, MS, Epstein Barr, Lyme Disease, MRSA, Malaria, Candida and much more… (MMS takes care of a lot but can not directly influence some candida strains, BUT we have other methods that are not spoken about by the majority of websites and doctors that work as well as MMS that can)

We are a non-profit religious organization who does NOT claim anything to the IRS, so we are free to give you unhindered information without being told to stop. This is OUR religion of health and we are claiming right now our GOD GIVING right to do what we can to improve our lives without the government or big pharma telling us otherwise! With this stated we have the FULL backing of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing bestowed by the Arch-Bishop Mark Grenon.

Email: Mark Grenon at or
Bishop Jonathan Grenon at to verify my position.

-Rev. Nathan J Scheer


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