Gramercy Arms – Looking At The Sun

positive musicGramercy Arms – Looking At The Sun

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Oh yeah I’m looking at the sun
Me and everyone
Looking at you

What’s new?
I guess I’ve never seen
A world so green
Here beside you

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Ba ba ba ba

This day is the perfect day
There’s nothing in our way
This is our time

I know what I’m holding in my arms
Keep it safe and warm
Just you and me now

Oh yeah
I’m looking at the sun
My darling young one
Here beside you

Right now
Before our world so green
Grows cold and changes scene
And the nights get darker

For now
I’m looking at the sun
Someday the rain might come
But I love the sunshine

About Gramercy Arms:

Gramercy Arms is an ever (r)evolving collective band project of New York-based artists. Musically Gramercy Arms is a classic New York sound–Dave Derby’s disaffected poetic sensibilities mesh with the guitar virtuosity of Sean Eden and Hilken Mancini in the grand Gotham tradition of the Velvet Underground and Television shot through with a love of seventies pop rock. Gramercy Arms captures the romance and feel of the city,the album’s lead Single, “Automatic”, captures the frantic energy of the city. “I was thinking of it in the sense of “automatic response”—embracing intuition and energy. That to me is what the essence of rock and roll has always been.”

About Looking At The Sun:

The album features a wide range of guest performances including an unexpected background vocal performance by comedian Sarah Silverman who sings backups on the summery “Looking at the Sun.” “It’s about the simple and awesome joy of being able to experience things brand new the way a child sees them,” explains Derby. “The song was almost done but I felt the song needed something more. Rainy (Orteca of Joan As Police Woman and Dead Air) and I had worked with Sarah before creating music for her television show, The Sarah Silverman Program and thought that she’d be perfect for the song. She has a beautiful voice that is surprisingly earnest and sweet. Her vocals are very straight-forward, there’s nothing comedic about the approach, but for some reason I think it’s her comedic sensibility that gives the song a kind of heightened sweetness to it.

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