What the Gemini zodiac sign is all about:

Gemini is the third zodiac sign which starts from 21st May and goes on till 20th June during the late spring season. Passionate, smart and dynamic Gemini is known for having two different sides of their personality that are displayed to the world. They are great orators and expert communicators, generally referred to as the chameleon of the Zodiacs who effortlessly can shift from one group to the other basis of their judgment and intelligence. Witty and energetic, Gemini doesn’t generally get stuck in the past and move on with life. They have a very optimistic way of approaching life and always look at the brighter side. Hence in a Gemini company, one will never feel depressed or subdued, they are the most emotionally intelligent sign of the Zodiac.

Symbol: The Caring Twins

Ruling Planet: Mercury — the planet of communication

Body Part: Arms, Shoulders, Hands, Lungs, Nervous System, Brain.

Element: Air

Good Days: Adventurous, Fascinating, Charming, Affectionate, Original, Adaptable, Resourceful, Wise, Curiosity, Gentle

Bad Days: Nervousness, Restless, Inconsistent, Distracted, Indecisive, Two-faced, Depressed, Judgmental, Overwhelmed

Favorite Things: Music, Guitar, Books, Cell phones, Magazines, Fast Cars, Talking to people, Trendy Clothes, Comedy Clubs, Short Trips

What they Hate: Being Alone, narrow-minded or opinionated People, Being Confined, Bad Dressing Sense, Authority Figures, Repetitive Routine, Silence.

Secret wish: Get solutions for everything

How to Spot Them: Chatting with nearly anyone and everyone, naughty sparkle in their eyes, Reading and interesting book

Where you’ll Find Them: In a Book Shop, Behind the camera, Writing Articles or stories, chat rooms, debating and arguing from both sides

Keywords: Gentle, Communication, Affection, Collaboration, Quick Learner, Synergy, Inventiveness, Cleverness, Ingenuity, Wittiness

Gemini: The Caring Twins

Ruled by the dual Twin sign, Gemini is two-faceted people – they represent two different personalities at one go and you never know which one to trust. Gemini is socially active, communicative and really chatty – they can strike a conversation with anyone and everyone. They are the best people for socializing and brainstorming – they can spark the conversation if not provide the end decision. They are always up for an intellectual talking of minds. In a Gemini company, you will find yourself having a conversation with people for hours jumping from trendy dresses and celebrity affairs to deep routed political topics as well. Beware, most Geminis could be gossipy as well, and don’t hold up secrets, you may want to be extra cautious before opening up in front of a Gemini girl. The twin soul also symbolizes the brotherhood, sisterhood and love between best friends. They carry a child-like innocence within themselves and feel that they have been born to mend all differences in the world. They are the peacemakers. You will find a Gemini always being that friend who stops all the fights and works on patch-up between friends.  The Positive attributes of Gemini energy are charming, fascinating, resourceful, original, adventurous and wise. Some of the negative attributes that Gemini carry are two-faceted, restless, depressed, distracted, judgmental, and overwhelmed energy.

Gemini Element: Air

Gemini is grouped under the air element. Being the first Air sign, they are the first ones to socialize and commune. Gemini people display great imaginative synergy, instantly connecting and socializing people to each other. In a Gemini company, you will find yourself be liable to use time with friends and focus on world change with some vibrant and creative ideas. Like the air itself, Gemini likes to keep everything fresh around it – be it fresh ideas, taking up a new task / assignment or even it is trying new things in the bedroom. They get enticed by this constant change and excitement quotient in their life. Even in his relationship, Gemini wants to keep trying and experimenting in love with various partners till he finds the perfect match. However, when he has chosen the perfect partner, he will be truly loyal and steadfast.

Gemini Ruling Planet: Mercury

Gemini inherits its chitty-chatty and talkative traits from Mercury – the planet of communication. As per our Mythology, Mercury was gods messenger carrying communication and messages from the gods to people and vice-versa. Gemini also fits into this role perfectly, as it is he who joins the dots, gets people connected, and encourages them to communicate and come up with new ideas. With a Gemini influence, the most negative people also would start looking at life with a new horizon.

Gemini: A Mutable Sign

Gemini is a Mutable sign know to be a little bit older and wiser in their approach towards life. Mutable are the ones who know that everything has to end one day and we need to move on in life. That quality instills in Gemini as well, who is extremely positive in his approach, doesn’t linger on past life baggage and moves on in life with a new spirit. They are the ones who don’t see the glass half-empty but half-full and say that “let’s give it one more shot”.  

Gemini People: What They’re Like

Gemini is inquisitive, fun loving and versatile people born with a wish to experience everything that is there, in the world. This makes their personality very vivacious and inspiring; one would never get bored with a Gemini companion.  With this inquisitive attitude, they are always ready to flirt. They need passion, variety and excitement and hence they constantly on the lookout of similar minded people; till they get their perfect partner. But when a Gemini eventually settles down; they are incredibly loyal and trustworthy people – they will cherish their partners for life. Gemini open mind and fresh perspective towards life make them excellent artists or writers. They generally tend to shine in the creative field as that’s their area of interest.  

Famous Gemini People & Celebrities:

Some of the famous Gemini personalities are: Angelina Jolie, Sonam Kapoor, George Bush, Kanye West, Karan Johar, Colin Farrell, Sonakshi Sinha, Prince, R Madhavan, Johnny Depp, Shilpa Shetty, Donald Trump, Paresh Rawal, Mary-Kate, Morgan Freeman, Amy Schumer, John F. Kennedy, Walt Whitman, Pankaj Kapoor, Kiron Kher.

To summarize it all, A Gemini is an extremely communicative and affectionate zodiac sign. They are fun-loving and witty people, who make others, enjoy their company. With their optimist nature, they look at life with a new perspective and always spread the same feeling with others as well.