Gary Go – Wonderful

positive musicGary Go – Wonderful

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The person that you were has died
You’ve lost the sparkle in your eyes
You fell for life into it’s traps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you want that person back

And all your ammunition’s gone
Run out of fuel to carry on
You don’t know what you wanna do
You’ve got no pull to pull you through

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Say I am, say I am
Say I am wonderful
Say I am, oh say I am
Say I am wonderful

If what you’ve lost cannot be found
And the weight of the world weighs you down
No longer with the will to fly
You stop to let it pass you by
Don’t stop to let it pass you by
You’ve gotta look yourself in the eye and

Say I am, say I am
Say I am wonderful, oh you are
Say I am, oh say I am
Say I am wonderful

‘Cause we are all miracles
Wrapped up in chemicals
We are incredible
Don’t take it for granted, no
We are all miracles

About Gary Go:

Gary Baker also known by his stage name Gary Go, is a British singer, songwriter, producer and filmmaker. His debut album Gary Go was released May 2009 and reached number 22 in the UK Albums Chart., spawning the hit single “Wonderful“. Gary Go has played shows across Europe, USA and Australia; including tours with Snow Patrol, Take That, Mika and Lady Gaga who referred to him as “my favourite new artist this year” after performing a rendition of “Just Dance” that was inspired by his cover of the song. Gary Go went on to collaborate with electro pioneer and Grammy Award winning DJ Benny Benassi, writing and performing several songs on his album Electroman. The collaboration gave birth to the smash club crossover hit “Cinema”, which rose rapidly to number 1 on the Billboard US and UK Club Charts and led to the Grammy-Winning remix from electronic music producer Skrillex, referred to by artist and producer Kanye West as “one of the greatest works of art ever made”. Gary Go‘s latest solo release is a videotape and original soundtrack entitled “Now was once the future”, which chronicles the end of a relationship.

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