Eric Serra – Little Light of Love

positive musicEric Serra – Little Light of Love

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About Eric Serra:

Éric Serra (born on 9 September 1959) is a French composer. He has often worked on films by Luc Besson. Éric’s father Claude was a famous French songwriter in the 1950s and ’60s, and, as such, Éric Serra was exposed to music and its production at a young age. Occasionally, and mainly due to his album released by this name, he is known in credits as RXRA (pronounced like his name, in French). An example is “Little Light of Love” on The Fifth Element soundtrack, which is credited to RXRA.


From a little light of love
I was born and in my cry, my cry
Was a little light of love
For the honoring of life
And the Pharos of my soul

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Is this light of love
Precious little light of love
There’s a candle burning on
In the breezy shades of night
I keep up my faith and underset my hope
To call on a realm of light
A treasure
Your shimmer
In the middle of the shady desert
Brings on a field of light
In a light of love
Fairy light of love
Only one religion
Will lead us to the love we aim for
Over the dark illusions
Of the warring nations
A wind of anger leads the power
The destruction glorifier
And when the war is nearly over
How come the leader’s held in high honors
Would you die
For their lie
The greedy hunting cry
Rely on your light
Little loving light
A little light of sole religion
We will lead a light of love
A little light of soaring freedom
Just a little light of love
A little light of sole religion
Take this little light of love
A little light of love and freedom
Take me
A little light of soul religion
A little light of love and freedom

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