Dream Interpretation

What You Need to About Clairvoyance

Have you ever had the feeling of reliving a day, as though whatever is happening happened before and you saw it all? This de javu situation might be due to your dream; the scenes depicted that actual moment is giving you a glimpse into the future. Dreams like this one are known as clairvoyant dreams and may not be important to you until dream and reality collide, that is when you discover your ability.

Most people fear that Clairvoyant dreams foretell disasters to come, only negativity. This is not the case, as these dreams might also hint at something wonderful coming your way. These visions serve as evidence that whatever happens in your dream can affect reality. These dreams awaken you to a hidden ability of your mind, and the potential is exponential. In the past times, people prone to psychic experiences like this were given the position of a shaman. They were seen as the key to a thriving population for they could tell a good harvest season and when to batter down the hatchets for a looming calamity.

Like the all our other abilities, there are ‘exercises’ you can do to strengthen clairvoyance. These practice points include:

Playing clairvoyant games

Human memory is elastic and can be stretched to accommodate as many events as possible. The key to clairvoyance is remembering details in the vision and keeping vigil to spot them before they fade into oblivion. One game to boost your ability to remember details is flash cards. This game is available online, cards are placed facing down and you get a brief view of each. The task lies in matching the similar ones before the time runs out.

You can use Zener cards. These are cards with funky shapes on them: circles, waves or stars. For this exercise, you will require an assistant, possibly a fellow clairvoyant. Sit in a circle or opposite each other, place the cards at the center. Let everyone see the cards one by one so that they know the kind of images to work with and shuffle them.  Pick one up, stare at it for up to five minutes, and imagine you are sending the image to the others. Make sure the image in your head is big, super-size it. Then go round the room asking everyone in a whisper what he or she saw.

Another game you could play is the out of place item. Have someone reorganize your bedroom or any room after you have had 15 to 20 seconds to study all the items. Re-enter the room once the reorganization is done, and identify either what has been moved, removed or added. To see how accurate you can be, take a picture before the game begins.

The key to this game is making minimal changes to the environment as possible. This will help you horn-in on your ability to pay attention to detail, no matter how small it might seem.

Keeping a dream journal

Buy a simple notebook to note down every dream you have. This will function as a point of reference to identify where the dream world and reality cross. Write down the date and what you saw, take a step further and give each vision a title. Even when seeking the intervention of a tried and tested psychic, you will not have to rely on what can be remembered. Peruse through your journal, read for them what you experienced, and together try to decrypt the meaning.


Day to day activities can clog up the mind blocking out any ability that might need nurturing. Truth be told, there are a billion things to worry about, stealing attention from what might be a powerful and reliable clairvoyant skill. Once you discover your dreams are reoccurring in real life, you need to grow this gift. Take time to meditate, a practice that will let you tap into that potential being suppressed by stress. Look for a spacious, quiet place, light a few candle-could be aromatic sit at the center, close your eyes and block out everything. To achieve a level of pure harmony and peace, you must meditate frequently, especially at the end of a busy day. This act is also useful in dulling out stress and cooling down tempers.


All the visions and pictures you see are in dreams are in your head. They borrow from a vast collection of memories and build up scenes when we are sleeping. Since all the events we experience in sleep are not happening in real life, the practice of visualization comes into play. When you find some time to yourself, whether in transit or at home, close your eyes and visualize the number line, from 1 to ten and vice versa.

For a futuristic approach, try coming up with images of flowers and animals. To help out, write down as many creatures as possible and envision them there before you. Go a step further and make them move, produce sound and even pet them if possible. This simple act sharpens your mind to store events in dreams such that if you come across a duplicate situation, you can tap on that memory and relate them.

For a first timer, clairvoyance can be scary. It might seem as though you are losing your mind, too unreal for a critical thinker. Being raised to trust in things that appear logic or those that you can touch may have biased your belief. Best thing to do is give in, let your mind break the barrier between these two dominions and give you messages to better your tomorrow. Keep in mind that your spiritual self-wants only the best for you, it would not exist without you. It looks out for you.

Dream reading is a sensitive topic and needs to be handled delicately. The wrong specialist might be the key to ruining your day, starting you off with some bad mojo. As unique as psychic dreams are, not everyone gets their meaning and in this world, which is driven by financial gains, quacks will bleed your pocket dry over some fancy words and mambo Jambos. One of the trusted pioneers in this field is Psych-Hub, ring them up and have your vision decrypted by seasoned and gifted professionals. Their rates are affordable and their word is real, you can trust them.