Debbie Schrodt – The God Zone

positive musicDebbie Schrodt – The God Zone

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It’s not under water, It’s not up in heaven

It’s right here where I am.

All is well and I can do no wrong

In the God Zone. In the God Zone.

In the God Zone each of us is perfect.

There is no color, race or gender and no rejection

In the God Zone. In the God Zone.


It’s like walking on water.

Smooth, smooth sailing

Gliding on air, the rush of adrenaline!

Falling in love and feeling alive again

That’s the God Zone. In the God Zone

And Dr. Martin Luther King

Was in that Zone when he dared

To dare the dream.

Oh let equality and freedom ring

For each and every human being!

In the God Zone.

That’s the God Zone.

About Debbie Schrodt:

Debbie Schrodt is Memphis raised, Nashville honed, and Atlanta based. Debbie Schrodt has been a singer/songwriter since the age of 17. Her mission is to be a tidal wave of love, uplifting and inspiring people through her words, her music and her life. She has performed for crowds of all sizes from 1 person to several thousand people. Debbie Schrodt loves to create and sing music and she also especially loves it when other people sing her songs. It would be her pleasure to sing for your church, women’s retreat, special event, etc. AND it would be an honor for her to teach you some of her chants and spiritual songs! Debbie Schrodt has served as Minister of Music at Unity North Atlanta (under Rev. Nancy Worth and then Rev. Stephanie Seigh) , Unity of the Tri-Cities in East TN (under Rev. Ruth Taylor-Woods), and One World Spiritual Center in Marietta, GA (where she is currently working with Rev. Stephanie Seigh, Sr. Minister). Debbie Schrodt has opened for Marianne Williamson and other great speakers, and have sung with many of the great New Thought musicians and Posi Award Winners- Daniel Nahmod, Faith Rivera, JD Martin and Jan Garrett, Jack Fowler and more…

Her voice and style sounds a little like Sheryl Crow and Alison Kraus – upbeat and fun and gently laid-back depending on whether it’s a pop song or ballad. Debbie Schrodt says she probably got her songwriting style from Carol King because she loved her simplicity and uncomplicated writing style that goes right to the heart, although she can write a complex tune, too!! A few songs by Debbie include: “Gratefully“, “God Zone“, and “Brand New Day“.

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