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positive musicCloudkicker – Everything’s Mirrors

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About the Author:

Ben Sharp has been making music under the banner of Cloudkicker since 2007. He writes, records, mixes, and masters everything at his home in Columbus, Ohio. Few get as lucky as Ben Sharp has. Sharp, who has a day job, the details of which he has never made public, tells us that his prog metal project Cloudkicker, has found ample inspiration in his work. “A big part of what I do for a living is travel. I like movement. I like going from place to place. I like the idea of a journey. I think that comes through in my music,” says the Ohio-based multi-instrumentalist over Skype. It all started in 2008, with Cloudkicker’s first album, The Discovery. Says Sharp, “I’d gotten a lot of emails from people asking me ways they could donate, ways they could give me money. I would always say, ‘No, it’s okay, don’t worry about it. It’s something I do as a hobby’.” After 2010’s Beacons, Ben Sharp realized his music was widely-heard and purchased across the world, using the popular pay-what-you-want model of sales. With his latest release, Subsume, which was out last month, Sharp says he likes the balance between Cloudkicker and his regular life to stay the same as it’s been over the last five years and five albums. Says Sharp, “If Subsume has taught me anything, it’s not to stress out about music and not to worry.”

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Ben Sharp does everything himself when it comes to Cloudkicker. Everything from the guitar tone that he comes up with to the time and effort to the song construction, mixing and mastering. Ben Sharp likes getting things to sound as close to the way it sounds in his head. He certainly feels very strongly that production should not necessarily be polished, but reflect the way that’s balanced. But for bands that he listens to, and people who send me music, he’s not nearly as critical of the production of their music as he is of his own. Ben Sharp is a very down to earth guy, not feeling the need to get paid for his work as he does it as a hobby, but takes donations to help fund new equipment and production costs.

Some Songs by Cloudkicker:

The album Beacons was released 16 September 2010 including songs: “Push it way up” and “Segue”. Everything’s Mirrors by Cloudkicker was released 15 July 2008. The album Discovery released in 2008 included the song: “States“.

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