Claudia Carawan – More Than You Know

positive musicClaudia Carawan – More Than You Know

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More than the clouds up in the heavens
More than the sands upon the shore
More than the colors of the rainbow
More than the poet’s metaphor
More constant than the movement
of the ocean’s ebb and flow
More than you can fathom
You are loved more than you know…

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You are loved, You are loved.

More than the heat of Summer
or the power of the sun
More than the mystery of the full moon
when the day is finally done
More than the countless icy crystals
in the Winter’s falling snow
Beyond your comprehension
You are loved more than you know

More than words could ever show
You are loved more than you know

More than the wisdom of ages,
More than you can understand
More than the power of music
to inspire the heart of man
More than the seconds in a lifetime
or frequency than the radio
Beyond your comprehension
You are loved more than you know

More than you could ever know
You are loved more than you know

More expansive and life changing
if you could feel it through and through
So take it easy on yourself and let this message carry you
where ever you may go… what ever you may do
This love has got your back
This love will see you through
More than language can express
More than you could ever guess
You are loved more than you know

You are loved more than you know
You are loved more than you know

About Claudia Carawan:

Claudia Carawan (born April 19, 1959, Alexandria, Virginia, United States) is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. Although she has been creating and performing music for more than 20 years, it took until 2003 before she released her debut album, Out of the Blue. It derives its sound from several styles including soul, R&B, reggae and jazz. Her voice draws comparisons with Bonnie Raitt and Eva Cassidy. Carawan is a cousin of the folk musician Guy Carawan. Claudia Carawan is an award winning singer/songwriter, performer and recording artist who has been inspiring fans with her positive heart and soul music for many years. In performance Claudia Carawan is “one goose-bump inducing vocalist” who moves with ease through many genres (soul, pop, gospel, jazz). Her music is best described as POSITVELY SOULFUL.

As a workshop facilitator Carawn conducts engaging workshops on creativity, songwriting and singing. For many years Carawan has worked as a Music Teacher for a residential treatment center that serves “at risk” teenagers. In this capacity she has inspired hundreds of students to discover and develop their individual gifts and creative abilities. Claudia Carawan loves working with the hip hop generation and they have inspired her too! Claudia also serves as a Music Director at Unity Christ Church of Bon Air in Richmond, Virginia. She is the director and founding member of The Sistas (an all-female gospel vocal group) and the Celebration choir. She is happily married and lives in Richmond, Virginia with her family including Gracie, the dog.

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