Chickenfoot – Future In the Past

positive musicChickenfoot – Future In the Past

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About Chickenfoot:

Chickenfoot is a supergroup of U.S. origin. The group consists of vocalist Sammy Hagar (ex-Van Halen and Montrose), bassist Michael Anthony (also ex–Van Halen), guitarist Joe Satriani, and drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers). Their first album was released on June 5, 2009 in Europe and June 7 in the U.S.

While the band’s name and logo are a disparaging term for the peace symbol, the “footprint of the chicken,” bassist Michael Anthony asserts that the name originated from initial jam sessions between Hagar, Smith and himself: “there are three talons on a chicken’s foot and there [were] three of us.” Later Anthony stated: “it was just supposed to be a bullshit name that we’d used for a while, and then [when] the rumors spread about the band, everybody used that name so we thought, ‘fuck it, let’s call it Chickenfoot‘ – it all comes down to the music anyway.”

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I said, oh, watchin’ them fall
Never hurt at all
One by one
Falling from the sun
And melting down
Sooner hit the ground
Up so fast
The future in the past

Oh, oh
The future’s in the past, wooh
Oh yeah, hey, uh

Well, I was thinkin’ it’s the real thing, wooh
Buckin’ like a Mustang
We got everybody talkin’
Yeah, they talkin’
About, “I got mine.” wooh, hey

I got a funky, funky feeling
Somewhere in the past
Still everyday believin’
Oh, I’m believin’

Saving the best for last, huh, yeah, oh
Saving the best for last, wooh
Saving the best for last

I hear voices
Alien voices

Ya- ya-ya-ya-ya
Ya- ya-ya-ya-ya

Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

Yeah, come on, come on
Future is the past

I’m gonna listen to the future
Listen to the past
Life ain’t ’bout no hurry
I’m gonna save the best for last, come on, come on
The future is the past

I’m gonna listen to the children
Listen to my friends
Let science be my church
The song that never ends, come on
Yeah, come on
The future is the past

We don’t have to worry
‘Bout anything that’s done
We each made of wax
Get melted by the sun
come on, bring it on, come on
The future is the past

I’m gonna climb up on the mountain top
Stand naked with the trees
Listen to the voice
Inside you and me, come on, come on, come on
The future’s in the past

The future is so past, yeah
Come on
Future is the past, come on
Come on, come on
The future is the past, come on

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