What the Capricorn zodiac sign is all about:

Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign of the 12 signs which starts from 22nd December to 19th January during the winter season. The Capricorn is known to be the Master Planner of the zodiac and is adept in his quality of analyzing and planning. This sign represents time and responsibility and they value each of these very seriously. Capricorn people like to be independent that enables them to gradually grow up the ladder steadily both in their personal and professional lives. They have tremendous control over themselves and have the ability to lead the way, make realistic and concrete and realistic plans, and manage many people who work for them at any time. Hence they prove to be great leaders. They manage to gain professional success as they are eager to learn and often learn from their mistakes as well.

Symbol: The Mountain Goat

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn — the planet of maturity and discipline

Body Part: Skin, Knees, Teeth, skin

Good Day: Disciplined, Loyal, Fearless, Hardworking, Devoted, Honest, Family-minded

Bad Day: Materialistic, Pessimistic, Condescending, Unforgiving, Snobbish, Cold, Hopeless, Know-it-all

Favorite Things: Official Titles, Business cards, Being in Charge, Goals, Exclusive clubs, Music

What You Hate: Shouting in Public, Quitting, Careless Mistakes, Doing things “just for the heck of it”, Traveling without an itinerary

Secret Wish: To achieve everything in life

How to Spot Them: Strong Teeth, Distinctive jaw, Wise look in the eyes

Where You’ll Find Them: Running for Senior Vice President of the company, Enjoying quality time with the family, directing a full-length feature film, working obsessively on a large-scale project

Keywords for Capricorn: Goals, Ambition, Long-Term Plans, Structure, Prestige, Public Image/Acclaim

Capricorn: The Mountain Goat

Capricorn attains the quality of being determined and willful from the Mountain Goat. If a Capricorn has decided on a goal and set his mind on the outcome, then he certainly will reach the finish line. No matter how difficult the goal would be, the Capricorn, with his unparalleled resilience will get there and achieve it. Traveling on the known path is not something that interests the Capricorn; he will take the road unknown and reach the finish line. They do not believe in shortcuts and hence they will chalk out a plan to reach there and then tread fast. The positive traits of the Capricorn energy are structured, loyal,  family-minded, devoted, hardworking, honest, and paternal. Some of the Negative traits of Capricorn energy can be unforgiving, pessimistic, cold, snobbish, materialistic, elitist and overly serious. Capricorn people can be overly harsh or calculating sometimes.

Capricorn Element: Earth

Just like the other two earth signs, Capricorn is also deft in planning and innovation. Capricorn people are the master strategists and planners of the zodiac, who will always keep an eye open on a long-term plan. In the company of a Capricorn, you will feel more motivated to take on your biggest goals and create structures in your life that will last the test of time. The earth element tends to make the Capricorn stubborn and sometimes stiff to move from one ideology or perspective in a relationship. They cannot absorb differences in opinion in a sporty way and tend to impose their opinion or views on the other person.

Capricorn Ruling Planet: Saturn

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and this planet is known for its paternal instincts and restrictions of all kinds. Under the influence of Saturn, the Capricorn becomes distant, cold and unforgiving and also prone to a guilt feeling later. They need to learn to let go, forgive people for their mistakes, move on in life and as a bargain feel lighter and relaxed.

Capricorn: A Cardinal Sign

Like the other Cardinal signs, Capricorn people are also leaders and “ideators” of the zodiac. They are driven by strong determination and willpower. In terms of planning, they are extremely methodical and practical in their approach. They are extremely practical and resourceful people.

Capricorn People: What They’re Like

“Workaholic” is the common name given to a Capricorn. If they are not working on a project in office then they are taking the children out for a good family holiday.  Capricorn people like to mix work with pleasure. They often develop strong bonds with people they work with, either their bosses or their peers. They are also selective in making friends – people who can add value to their status symbol will be considered their Bes friend. Capricorns were very goal oriented people. Once they’ve set themselves a target, they will make plans to slowly and steadily achieve it. Capricorns need to learn flexibility and give equal importance to their heart as well as mind to achieve success efficiently. They are surely ambitious to the core but not all Capricorns have that insistent drive within them. When they slip into a relaxed mode, they can practically become immobile and give up all targets and goals! Capricorns follow the motto “Work hard, play harder”. They need to celebrate every success no matter how small it may be. If they don’t enjoy their success, they may not have that drive generated again for their next milestone.  

Famous Capricorn People & Celebrities:

Some famous Capricorn Celebrities are: Kate Middleton, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Mohammed Rafi, Michelle Obama, Meghan Trainor, LeBron James, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley, Zayn Malik, Cody Simpson, Alexander Wang, Lewis Hamilton, Denzel Washington, Pitbull, Edgar Allen Poe, Nicolas Sparks, Christian Louboutin, Gabby Douglas, Nicolas Cage, Andrew Johnson, David Sedaris, Woodrow Wilson, Diane von Fürstenburg, Ellie Goulding, J.D. Salinger, Betty White, Liam Hemsworth, Ellie Goulding, Marilyn Monroe, Jared Leto, Howard Stern, Psy, Calvin Harris, Millard Fillmore, Richard M. Nixon, J.R.R. Tolkien, Kate Spade, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Anwar Sadat, Isaac Newton.

In a nutshell, the Capricorn is a very strong, determined and consistent personality. They are known for their meticulous planning and strategic thinking capabilities. They are very caring and loving and staunch protectors for those whom they love. They are certainly workaholics, but they also need to enjoy as they work else they tend to lose interest in everything. They are tremendously disciplined and resourceful people. They are fearlessly ambitious and have deep desire to succeed in life. On the flipside, they are sometimes rude, blunt, unforgiving, sarcastic and pessimistic.