Aromatic Hemp Cigars for Meditation and Rituals

A Hemp Cigar Pictures from Acme Hemp LabsAromatic Hemp Cigars

from Acme Hemp Labs

We recently visited a local business we’ve known about for awhile now here in Colorado. They are Acme Hemp Labs, they are the originator of the Cannagar back in 2010-2011 under the name Magar. They are still around but now they are putting out legal to sell hemp cigars that are wrapped with the hemp fan leaf. Completely wrapped! It’s just like a cigar. Now I’ve never been one to really enjoy a cigar, they always made me sick. But, I’ve always been a fan of smoking a bit of marijuana to relax after a run on the slopes here in Colorado. I sent them a message asking them about their newest creation a Hegar hemp cigars, which Hegar is their name for these types of cigars they are doing.

So pretty similar to the first round Magars… just Hegar, like Hemp Vs Marijuana 😀 why not?

They quickly got back to me and we talked and we talked and we talked, and I tried one. The result? I was blown away by the taste, the smell and the feeling I got from smoking a Frodo hemp cigar. Yeah, you read that right, they call their mid-sized hemp cigar a “Frodo”, I had to laugh while I was smoking it a bit, and I had to try muttering under my breath a few times… “My precious….” which is funny because I just got an e-mail from them before I did this post that gave me 50% off be using the code “MyPrecious”. So of course I had a good belly laugh about that because that’s what I did while smoking it!

Onward to Hemp Cigars!

But funny stuff aside we decided to work with them on their next project. It’s called “Aromatics” and the point of these “Aromatic Hemp Cigars” are to take full potency herbs and spices to not only influence the feeling you get from them but more so to stimulate the mind in specific ways to maximize relaxation, relief and to balance oneself! OR to even energize yourself. So we’ve been investigating some great organic spice and herb outlets online and in person and we are excited to say that here next year we’ll be helping Acme Hemp Labs create these master pieces and you’ll even be able to order them from SunWisher.

All the products that they produce are all legal, come with a registration number to their farm lot so you know they are completely legal and of course just as the law states they are all under .3% THC, but whats AMAZING about their products is the QUALITY of the hemp is ABSOLUTELY the BEST! Their hemp cigars and even hemp cigarettes reach up to 24% CBD!! That’s unheard of, all the while having the most pleasant taste. Just like the perfect bud you’d get from the dispensary up the street.

Aromatic Hemp Cigars

So we’ve already actually worked on this just to break the ice on this so let me tell you a bit about them: (more to come!)

    1. Midnight Lotus – A fine mixture of Lotus flower and other spices to create a magnificent smoke, great for meditation
    2. Temple Smoke  – Temple smoke is an orange chocolate mix that good for both relaxing and socializing
    3. Pagoda Sun – This is more so for energizing oneself, great for socializing at parties after dinner etc. (we are debating flavors)
    4. Mango Rum – A brilliantly spiced and soaked herbs to create a vibrant smoking experience – for socializing
    5. Courage – A Chocolate and Lavender smoking experience with bits of soaked spiced fruit – meditation / relaxation

This is just a quick look at a few of the Aromatic hemp cigars we’ll be helping create with Acme Hemp Labs moving into the near future. We are very excited to help build these. We at SunWisher have some master craftsmen in the field of herbal teas, spices and alternative smoking blends. Some have done a lot of business and training with many different shaman across the world and just as Acme Hemp Labs is the first in the field they will also lead the charge into smoking experiences created for specific occasions that match with 1000’s of year of knowledge of herbs and spices.

The world is ready and we’ll be there to help push the newest Aromatic hemp cigars.

Keep posted they’re coming in 2020!


Dec 1st 2019

PS: These will also be available for wholesale hemp cigar buyers and vendors as well just in smaller batches.

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