What the Aries zodiac sign is all about:

Aries tops the chart when it comes to the 12 zodiac signs. Aries people are born during the spring season between the 20th of March to 19th April. Aries is popularly seen as the bright-eyed children who exhibit distinctive confidence, courage and independence. Being the first amongst the zodiac signs, they venture out and are born leaders who know how to take charge. They have an impressive leadership style that attracts others to follow the path.  Aries are dynamic and have high competitive spirit.

Symbol: The Headstrong Ram

Quality: Cardinal

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars, the God of Wars

Body Part: Brain, Face, Head and Eyes

Favorite Things: Expensive Toys, Competitive Games, Branded Clothes, Long Romantic Drives in luxury cars, Debating, Being Physically presentable

Good Day: Bold, Energetic, Encouraging, Passionate, Caring, Affection, Unstoppable, Heroic.

Bad Day: Possessive, Proud, Stubborn, Impulsive, Self-centered, Bossy, Dominating, Reckless, Jealous

What They Hate: Being Ignored, Losing, Cramped Spaces, the word “NO”, sharing their toys,

Secret Wish: To be Numerous Uno (wants to top the chart all the time)

How to Identify Them: Bright-eyed, High Foreheads, Commanding Appearance and Straight Posture

Keywords: Passion, Willpower, Beginner, Initiative, Passionate, Determination, Innocence, Passion, Self-Belief

Aries: The Determined Ram

Aries is ruled by the determined and strong-minded Ram and like its ruler; Aries energy too can be stubborn and headstrong. Many Aries people are trendsetters and trailblazers. Just like the Ram, Aries can be downright bold and fearless when confronted with danger. The positive traits of Aries born person are encouraging, Heroic, unstoppable, caring and bold. They are very dramatic, quite frank and straightforward and love being the center of attraction. Aries are extremely unpredictable; you never k ow what they are up to. They can smartly keep people on their toes with their volatile and extemporaneous side. Aries has a strong belief that they are born to rule – whether it the whole world or their own small world. They just want to be in control of everything. This obsession with being in control sometimes leads to Possessiveness, Impulsive, Stubborn, dominating and self-centered attitude. This sign loves to be thrown into a challenge, but be cautious not to turn out to be selfish or dominant under Aries’ influence.

Aries Element: Fire

Aries is the first sign to be grouped under the fire element. Aries is a rebellious streak and they like to do things their way; they don’t like to be told. Their hasty decision making puts them in trouble sometimes. Aries are like eager beavers; they jump into action without thinking. With their radiating energy, they just don’t want to be left on the sidelines; they want to participate in everything.

Aries Ruling Planet: Mars

The ruling planet for Aries is Mars – the God of Wars. The Aries man inherits his unafraid, bold, courageous and aggressive attitude by this warrior planet. Aries do not lack vitality and can stay in the game much longer than anyone else. Sometimes, it bends towards the argumentative and confrontational side of the personality. Aries can be short-tempered and they aren’t exactly good at hiding their anger. The Aries temper can catch you by surprise especially with love and trust.

Aries: A Cardinal Sign

The zodiac signs are divided into three “qualities”: Cardinal, Fixed and mutable signs. Aries is one of the four Cardinal signs. These signs are the starters of every season — Aries welcomes the spring season, Cancer starts the summer season, Libra begins the fall and Capricorn starts the winter season. Thus, they are the “Ideates” and leaders of the zodiac. These signs bring originality to any and everything they deal with and like to come first in all they participate in. They’re the trendsetters, be it in their dressing sense or in their thought process – they start the party and prove to be great hosts.

Aries People: What They’re Like

Aries people have an immense amount of energy, which is applied to everything they do – from dealing with physically & mentally challenging assignments at the workplace to winning a hyper-sensitive argument. This over-confident sign is known to jump before viewing what could be there on the other side. Just as they are topping the zodiac chart, they want to be number-one at everything in life and can be amazing trailblazers. These folks inspire the world with their originality. Aries are extremely honest and direct people; they don’t know how to mince their words.  They are also extremely Loyal with their partners. When you have a loyal Aries partner, you can be sure that they will guard you no matter what.

An Aries won’t shy away from experimenting new things in life. People born under the Aries sign are often called the innovators of the zodiac, and it’s their courageous venture into the unknown spaces if the world that gets the accolades. On a spontaneous outburst of energy, Aries sometimes tend to push their ideas down people’s throats without even realizing that they just might not be interested at all. At times, Aries can be extremely self-centered and excessively focused on themselves. An argument with an Aries person can let you win, the Aries will have the last word.

Famous Aries personalities:

Some of the great Arian personalities from the International clan are: Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Sarah Parker, Emma Watson, Kourtney Kardashian, Tyler Oakley, Robert Frost, Tommy Hilfiger, William Wordsworth.

Some Indian Celebrities who are Aries: Ajay Devgan, Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Aamir Khan.


To conclude about the Aries personality, we can say that this first zodiac sign is extremely Energetic, Bold, Affectionate, Caring, Charismatic, Trendsetter and Heroic. On the flip side, the negative traits to watch out for are possessive, impulsive, dominating, aggressive, demanding and selfish. Aries is extremely driven and they have their eye on success. Aries isn’t afraid to take bold chances and invent in dark spots. Aries focuses on the good and doesn’t dwell on their losses. It inspires those around them with his vitality and charm. Aries can be extremely impatient and they cant keep waiting. They have a sensitive heart and can’t stand ignorance. Just to summarize it all – Aries can be the sweetest people on Earth … or your worst nightmare; it is how you deal with them.