Aquarius: 20th January to 18th February

About this zodiac sign

Intellect with ambition, mystery with passion and creativity with adventure, free- spirit and independence, Aquarius is the connoisseur of all things worthy in life and a visionary at its best among the zodiac.

What the Aquarius zodiac is all about

If you see someone stroll into a room with an aura of modernity and listen to them talk with keen knowledge and confident opinion, be sure to have identified the Aquarian in the room. Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign that holds the symbol of a Water- Bearer. They are the representatives of the Age of Aquarius. The sun visits this sign each winter during Aquarius season, which begins on 20th January until the 18th February. Whether or not you have Aquarius planetary placements in your chart, it’s imperative to comprehend the spirit and the verve of the sign, as the transition of various planets occurs through Aquarius throughout the year, regulating its energy in everyone, despite your zodiac.

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Saturn and Uranus

Body part: Ankles

Good day: Light, affectionate, prospective, conversational, constructive, charming, energetic, encouraging, charming, creative, pleasant.

Bad day: Undesirably rude, negligent, reckless, temperamental, sometimes even self- destructive, unapologetic, jealous, indifferent

Favorite things: People with opinion, freedom, challenges, being right, socializing, travel and exploration, intellectual conversations and recounting tales during a lazy solace, solitude, and space, adventure.

What they hate: Disturbance in their comfort, being dictated, having a lack of passion, seeing a friend in trouble: they always help and give very good advice.

Secret wish: To be embraced by people they care about, as who they are.

How to spot them: Defining fore-head, androgynous, chatty, witty, glamorous.

Keywords: Dreamers, self- assured, philanthropic, passionate, leaders.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

As the symbol reflects, Aquarians are as many givers as creators. Avid readers and sponges of knowledge and experiences, Aquarians are strong-minded, intelligent, and torchbearers of firm opinions and beliefs. People born under this sign refuse to take things for what they are if they find them meaningless, and if the matter is challenging, they stop not until they deduct reason, and make it personal to prove themselves right. This is why Aquarians are more of leaders than followers, and absolutely work only their rules. Having said that, Aquarius is very understanding and homely and will travel the extra mile for people they care about, however also look before they leap. Aquarius seldom takes uninformed decisions, but once failed, they make sure to never repeat their mistakes again. On the flip side, if provoked, Aquarius can be as indifferent as any person possibly could be, and a betrayal from a loved one can cause paralyzing consequences for an Aquarius, that might only hesitate to love ever again.

Aquarius element: Air

Besides Aquarius, Gemini and Libra belong to the element air, in the zodiac. Air is a light element, characterized by color, odor, and tastelessness, and also that which is quintessential for life, and penetrates everywhere without boundaries, rising up in the atmosphere. Identically, the Air signs are sociable, chatty, and they bring the essential charm, glamour, and the vibe to the world with their character of giving generously, intellect and captivating beauty. These signs are dreamers and are always a step ahead in the sense of understanding than the rest in the party, making them arrestingly admirable. They have a sense of acceptance and all-pervading quality without exactly being intrusive. However, these signs are infamous for their Rarefied and almost vanishing ability. As much as garrulous they can be, they like to nourish themselves with time and space to themselves. Especially Aquarians think a lot and sometimes, way too much. They need their freedom and space and are gifted with the advantage of detachment from the world, for as long as they please. When pried, they know better than to allow any breach.

Aquarius ruling planet: Saturn and Uranus

Saturn was the original ruler of Aquarius until Uranus was discovered. Both signs rule the astrological sign, and their planetary energies are strong and vibrant. In Greek mythology, Aquarius constellation was depicted as a single vase from which a water stream pored down to Piscis Austrinus, the constellation of Pisces, the zodiac after Aquarius in the tropical astrology. The positive manifestation of Aquarius is that the bearer has gifts as precious as the water itself, an important life force, and is willing to distribute them all without bias, prejudice or selfishness.

Aquarius: A Fixed Sign

Aquarius is the fixed sign of the zodiac in the quadruplet along with Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. These signs act in order to set order to things and like to be balanced and keep their life in their autonomy. In case of Aquarius, they keep their beliefs firm and their approach towards humanity fixed. They are very careful in forming their opinions by thinking practically and from all sides. Once they affirm their beliefs regarding something, it becomes concrete and hard to break.

Hence, when under the influence of Aquarius planetary cycle, we become creative, hard-wired, and very charitable with flushing charm and refreshing mindfulness.

Aquarius people: What they are like

Distinguished for being thoughtful and open-minded, Aquarius people have a great room to embrace change and be receptive to lifestyles as long as they believe in it. They are music lovers and seldom lose their cool. But beware, Aquarius can be angry too! And when they are, they can be extremely unpredictable. However, they surround themselves with genuine and humble people and resent anyone with over-entitled demeanor. They are fun and quite chatty and are hysterically sarcastic, but they mean no harm, really. They are very careful about choosing the people in their lives who they can count on. Often misunderstood, the stigma in Aquarius is the emotional wiring. They rarely display their emotional side, which causes people to think of them as unwelcoming and stoic. However, their inability to exp, the dress does not also obviate their need for receiving emotional support.

Aquarians are notorious for the eccentricities and crazy behavior and outlook in life. This, more often than not, cautions people. But the same eccentricities add up to their charm and love, making them excellent companions and parents.

Famous Aquarians

Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, Mozart, Michael Jordon, Christiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Anniston, Denise Richards, Preity Zinta, Ajay Devgan, Subash Chandra Bose, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Edison, John Travolta, Christian Bale, Ellen DeGeneres, Ronda Rousey, Millie Bobby Brown, Rosa Parks, Yoko Ono, Shakira, Ayn Rand, Virginia Woolf, Griselda Blanco